18 August 2010

May 2010

Oh gosh, now I'm struggling a wee bit, but I think we were mostly sick this month...

Seriously, we have had just a horrible winter here this year. The domino effect is in full force, we keep knocking each other down again with new and exciting illneses, get back up, get knocked down again, you know the drill... groan. Croup, flu, tummy bugs, hand foot & mouth (and bottom, don't ask!), uti's, back injuries (not the kids!), boring and tiring. Shall I just leave it there... hmmm probably best.

April 2010

Back to reality at home.

But this month saw Molly's first sleepover with her friend Anna. OMG, who knew going to bed could be so much fun! (please, I am talking about two 4 years olds here!!) A fabulous afternoon of painting and making and eating and giggling. They were so exhausted that by the time it got to bedtime, they were zonked much, much quicker then I anticipated, so cute!

Molly and I also had our first 'girls weekend away'. We went to a friends bach at Lake Clearwater, it was so fabulous. The weather was atrocious, but we biked and walked and snuggled by the fire, ate too much, read a thousand stories and had the best fun. Molly loved it (so did I!). We missed our boys, but you know they managed without us - a little too well to be honest! - at least I got an amazing baby squeeze when I got home.

Our friend put together a little movie of our weekend, feel free to watch it (the music was chosen because it's Molly's favourite song of the moment. Nanny danced with her to it in England and Molly sang it to us all weekend), thanks Kat -


March 2010

The big news this month was our trip to the UK. It feels like years ago already. My lasting thoughts are it was sooo great to see everyone, and it was way, way to short! Just over two weeks, after that much travelling, is a ridiculous exercise and I have already told hubby that unless it's closer to a month next time we won't be going! Although to be honest, the next time we go the kids will be that much older that the travelling itself won't feel like such hard work.

Molly was beside herself with excitement about the whole thing. From 28 hours on a plane '('my own TV! awesome!'), to the busy, busy roads ('where did all these people come from Mum?'). But most of all the family, of course. Her cousins, especially Maisie and Mimy, her new best friends in the world. Being the centre of attention with everyone sits very well with our little princess. So much so in fact that she didn't even seem to mind sharing some of the limelight with Flynn - luckily, as he did have his own cheering section too!

Here are the Morgan children -

Molly is so like her cousin Rhiannon, and Ria is such a lovely girl, growing into a beautiful young woman. The thing I was most blown away with was how well they all got on and how they just seemed to like each other straight away. Its not like you can really explain to a 4 year old why these people are special and 'family' is a kind of abstract concept to explain, but they just get it, and they just connected straight away, it was lovely to see.

Another wonderful moment that sticks in my head is our wee man cuddling up with the oldest member of the family, Pops. Flynn instantly took to Pops (and I think the feeling was mutual!). Molly loves Grandma so much, and chewed her ear off about just about everything, from dinosaurs to knitting and cats! Grandma has the patience of a saint - and has proved it now!

A big family party (with some extra guests - expats from NZ that came along to join us - it was so great to see them and reconfirmed Molly's plans to marry Mr Hunter as soon as he gets back home!) was another highlight, lots of extended relatives we'd never met before plus all the ones we knew of course. Nanny did a wonderful job organising it all at the hotel that hubby and I were married in, and that Molly and Maisie had their first birthday party in. Such a special place, with such lovely memories, and now another to add on.

Coming back to NZ was simultaneously fabulous and heartwrenching, we don't want to be in the UK, NZ is our home and we love it endlessly, I just wish we could ship all the relatives out here and have the best of both worlds.

Previously on 'Do They Come With Instructions?'...

OK, so trying to recap on 6 months of life in this house is a bit like trying to explain the last 2 seasons of 'Lost', in Latin, to a 3 year old. So please accept my apologies for the unscheduled sabbatical (I had no idea that you people actually read and enjoy some of this stuff!) and lets try this month by month. It doesn't have to make sense, a lot of it doesn't make sense for me and I live it!

But first a photo, just in case you've forgotten what my 'babies' look like -

Pretty gorgeous aren't they? I'm allowed too, they're mine x

25 February 2010

New Ballet Shoes

Well, what more can I say, the ballet bug has bitten hard.

Molly just loves her new ballet shoes. Daddy was smothered with hugs and kisses all evening after coming home with the parcel for her. And we practically had to pry them off her feet at bedtime.

My gorgeous girl. Even with her raggedy PJ shorts and mucky face! Look at that serious face and how hard she is concentrating, bless her.

When I grow up...

I want to be a train driver...

This is the most ridiculous thing to have bought Flynn for his birthday (and we did it! can't blame anyone else this time!), an inflatable, ball pit, train. And he LOVES it! Molly loves it, everyone loves it - except us!

It is huge, gaudy, squeaky, smelly (think, new car, plastic smell, all through the house), and here to stay. Must remember to think before I buy next time...

But look at that face! It's so worth it.

Our beautiful boy!

As promised, picture of Flynn on his birthday. One of many cakes, (cupcakes on 'the day', blue cupcakes at a friends place, because they couldn't make it on 'the day' and chocolate smartie cake at the weekend... any excuse eh?!). But this is the best pic of his happy, smiley face.

18 February 2010

Happy Birthday Flynn!

I can't quite believe it, but he is one! At the moment we only have a pic of him looking longingly at a cupcake with a candle in it, which is cute, but I want a proper 'cake shot' for the record.

Afternoon tea with Daddy and friends this weekend, picture to follow.

How can that be? This year has gone by in a snap, it's really shocked me, really. I've got to keep up, before I know it he will be in college. Ferris Bueller was right (in sooo many ways, but this one in particular) 'life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it...'


She is coming out with the funniest things just recently. Loving to practise all her new long words, and going out of her way to use them whenever (and however) she can. I'm going to try to remember them and jot them down -

'Mummy, these plums are too sour, they make my brain wobble'

'No Anna, you know you're electric to nuts!' - yelled across the table at preschool.

'We made a plan and then we implementationed it' - after learning the word implementation, she told us the story of planning to chase the boys.

And we're back!

OK, so summer is almost officially over. Molly said in the car just the other day 'Mummy, I think the summer is broken', and I think she's right. I am sitting here watching the rain pour outside, I can't see the sea, in fact, I can't see the end of the garden today the clouds are so low! So, no more excuses to not sit down and blog like crazy to catch up from our long, hot (at times!), and good fun summer.

Molly is back at preschool and Flynn is just about getting used to her not being here again - although he does not like it at all and is ecstatic when she gets home in the afternoons, I am very concerned about how he will be when she starts school... not long now eh! waaah!

We had the best summer and Christmas was just lovely, here's a pic of Christmas day -

It was a glorious day. Flynn's first Christmas and he was totally baffled by the whole thing. But Molly made up for his bemusement with her absolute, unending excitement about everything! Her presents were mostly 'awesome' (very kiwi) and Flynn's - which she kindly opened for him - were 'just perfect for a baby'. Yes, I think it's safe to say this year she really understood the whole Christmas thing, it was lovely.

Hubby was off work for a whole two weeks, which was just great, a proper break together, first time since pre-Flynn, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

16 December 2009

Such a Boy!

Today Flynn was playing with his toy truck, chasing it around and getting quite excited about it all. Then the truck got stuck underneath his belly, when he'd worked out that he couldn't pull it out on his own (and Mummy was not going to help) he started to roll on it, really, like it was a little body skateboard! All the while laughing his very best Sid James laugh... it's genetic isn't it? It has wheels, therefore I must ride it!! So funny.

PS Molly was not amused. She has already perfected the 'Oh God, that's my brother' look. It's going to come in handy I think, ha ha!

15 December 2009

Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm so pleased with these pics. Our friend who took them for us is currently training to be a photographer... I don't think she has far to go! This was a preschool fundraiser - still waiting to see if I win the prize raffle and get a pen and ink rendition of one of the many she took. Just beautiful.

14 November 2009

Back on Track!

OK, we're back on track, at least that's the plan.

And then I realised that Christmas is just 40 short days away and I am nowhere near ready (even though I am not handmaking any presents this year or indeed building any - you know who you are, and yes, you make me feel quite inadequate!!! I just wish I had half your creative talents and needed half the sleep I am already NOT getting!), so maybe not so much back on track as running to catch the train, but ever hopeful!

So, a quick run down of the last month or so...

Nana has been here for a couple of weeks, we had a great time. The kids are sooo in love with her it's untrue. I got the same familiar feeling that I would never cope on my own again as she left. But, Flynn slept more then he had in the entire visit last night and I feel like a whole new woman now. Amazing what a block of four hours sleep can do for you! and to think I used to moan about not getting 8 hours a night - pah! I didn't know I was born!

We have booked our holiday back to the UK next year so we have something to look forward too (I think?! I am freaking out already about the journey, the traffic, the people, just about everything, you know me... I live to worry!), but I am so looking forward to showing off our two beautiful babies, it will be great.

We have found out that our dear friends in the middle east are coming home for a good month long visit in the new year and cannot wait to see them! So very excited.

Flynn has two teeth and is pulling himself up on the furniture (with a loud, weight lifters grunt, very funny!), not truly crawling yet, but getting about on his tummy, bottom and knees. He is enjoying his food - I don't think he has refused anything yet! and weighing in at a whopping 10.7kg and 77.5cm long already! oh yes, he is a big boy.

Molly is just adorable at the moment - and also terribly trying at times, of course! - loving her brother, making him laugh and egging him on with all his endeavours. She is really enjoying writing and drawing - her grasp of words and memory are a bit frightening to be honest, let's hope she keeps it up eh. And she is still totally into her ballet and dress-ups - where does she get this girly girlyness from?

Mmmm, not sure what else... wanna see a pic...?

14 September 2009

Never too soon

For reading together. Although this did quickly deteriorate into giggles and a squashed baby as he slid further down behind her...